The FrontierWorlds Naming Campaign

Thank you for participating in our campaign to select informal nicknames for MU69 and its possible companions.

This campaign is being coordinated by the SETI Institute and by Dr. Mark Showalter, a member of the New Horizons Science Team, on behalf of NASA and the New Horizons project.

We will announce our chosen nickname(s) for MU69 in early January, 2018, and will use them informally throughout the flyby, which culminates on January 1, 2019. After the flyby, the New Horizons project will work with the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to select the formal names for the body or bodies that we have explored.


Participating in this effort, by voting and/or submitting a nomination, constitutes your express acceptance of the following conditions:

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2. You may vote multiple times as new names are added to the ballot, but we ask that you vote no more than once per day.

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4. The poll is open to all. No registration is required in order to participate.

5. We will not collect personally-identifiable or private information associated with any participant. Personally identifiable information will be scrubbed from any submission.

6. The SETI Institute and NASA's New Horizons project have the sole right to determine which nominations are added to the ballot.

7. The New Horizons Team and NASA will take into consideration the results of the voting, but those results are not binding.

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9. The SETI Institute reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.