Nomination Form

Use this form to propose one or more nicknames for MU69. If we like your suggestion, we will add it to the ballot.

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations can be serious or whimsical, or anything in between. Other bodies in the Kuiper Belt have been given nicknames like Xena and Easterbunny, whereas their formal names (Eris and Makemake) come from mythologies of the world's cultures.

We are particularly interested in nicknames that are appropriate for the first exploration of a cold, distant, ancient world at the outer frontier of the solar system.

It's a good idea to propose two or more names that go together. The reason is that we don't know how many bodies to name! Some observations suggest that MU69 might be a binary—two objects tied together by their mutual gravity. If the two bodies are touching, a "contact binary", then we will only need one name. However, if they are separated by empty space, we will need two names. Of course, there may be more bodies—perhaps small moons—orbiting out there as well. That’s what exploration is all about—after all, New Horizons is flying into the unknown.

You can submit names from any language, but they must be written using the Latin alphabet. Include diacritical marks if needed.

Note that we cannot accept names that have religious or political significance, or that have commercial value.

Formal Naming of MU69

After the 2019 flyby, the New Horizons team will propose a formal name for MU69 to the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Kuiper Belt Objects such as MU69 are given names from the creation myths of the world. You are welcome to propose a name or names that fit this category, but please note that the IAU will make the final decision about the formal name.